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How to de-fragment the files on your computer.

You should have already installed Wise Care 365 in the Clean Up Disk option .

The computer stores information on its drives in bits and bobs. It does not put all of its files into a nice neat chuck. When more stuff is installed these chucks get moved about. Moving all the chucks back into a nice neat pile helps the indexing system find what you need a lot quicker. This is what de-fragging does, it finds all the bits and puts them together for quicker access..

Double click the Wise Care 365 icon on your desktop.

Click (YES) to run the software.

Click on the system Tuneup option at the top.

Click (DISK DEFRAG) and select the C: drive

Wise Care 365 Degrag the drive

Click on (DEFRAGMENT) at the botton of the window.

Defrag the disk

Any red blocks in the window are broken files and will be moved to correct places on the drive. It takes a bit of time dependant on the size and damage on the drive.

Defrag the registry

Now click on (REGISTRY DEFRAG) It would be best to close all other programs and windows so I hope you saved this website to your desktop or added it to your favourites.



Your computer is about to restart Click (DEFRAGMENT).

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Follow these steps to clean up your PC:

Here is some information about what you will be cleaning out from the PC.