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How to clean up a virus from your computer.

Below you will see a link to the Panda Security home page, click the link in blue to start the procedure.

Panda Security virus scanner and removal software is free. If your firewall asks for permission to run it, allow it through and follow the step by step guide below.

Click here to begin.

When you see this window on your screen, click the free disinfection button.

Panda Security free disinfection software

Click (RUN) on the next prompt and wait a few seconds for the program to start.

Click (YES) on the next prompt and then follow the on screen instructions.

The program will run and then it will show this window. Click (NEXT)

Dialog box

After the installer has run you will see this window.

Panda wizard

Click on (FINISH). When the new window opens click on (ACCEPT AND SCAN). Click on (ANALYZE ALL PC). The program will run showing you an update on its progress.

Panda security

When the software has finished this window appears. The software has finished and cleared out all the dangerous viruses from your computer.

Panda security

This software is free so give the guys at Panda Security a 'Like' next time you are on Facebook.

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Follow these steps to clean up your PC:

Here is some information about what you will be cleaning out from the PC.