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How to clean up Adware and Spyware from your computer.

Below you will see a link to the Malwarebytes home page, click the link in blue to start the procedure.

Malwarebytes removal software is free. If your firewall asks for permission to run it, allow it through and follow the step by step guide below.

Click here to begin.

The installer will load and you need to click (RUN)


In the next box, Click (YES).

Malwarebytes window

Accept the agreement, click next until you come to the install option.

click (INSTALL)... The program installs and shows the final installer window where you click (FINISH).

Malwarebytes finish

The main program executes and updates the database.

Database update

Click (OK) and click (RUN) the software.

Click (YES) and select your language. Click (OK) then click (NEXT).

Click (NEXT) accept the agreement and click (NEXT) until you get to the install choice. Click (INSTALL). Click (FINISH) and the database is updated.. The software is ready to run so click (OK).

Next you will see the options window. Click (PERFORM FULL SCAN) Then click (SCAN).

Malwarebytes scan

Select the C: drive and click (SCAN). The software will now run and check the C: drive for any adware or spyware. It takes some time and depends on how much you have on your drive. Go back at some time and clear out any other drives.

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Follow these steps to clean up your PC:

Here is some information about what you will be cleaning out from the PC.