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How to clean up the hard drive on your computer.

Below you will see a link to the Wisecare home page, click the link in blue to start the procedure.

Wisecar utilities software is free. If your firewall asks for permission to run it, allow it through and follow the step by step guide below. You will need to run this software before you can clean the registry or defrag the system.

Click here to begin.

Click download Wise Care 365 from the download.net site.

Wise Care 365

Look for the wisecare365.exe installer at the bottom left of the screen and click it.

Click (RUN). Click (YES).

Wise Care start window

Click (NEXT) and accept the agreement. Click (NEXT) until you get install option. Click (INSTALL)

Wise care 365

Click (FINISH). Go to your desktop and double click the Wise Care 365 icon. Click (YES) to allow the software to run.

Wise Care clean up window

Click (CHECK UP NOW). There will be privacy risks notified. This can be cleaned up using the paid version but for now, watch as the software looks for all the junk in your system.

Wise Care clean up finished

Now is a good time to add this website to your favourites so that you re-open it in a minute. Wise Care 365 has to close Internwet Explorer so that it can clear out the cache. So add this site to favourites or place a shortcut on your desktop now.

Click (FIX NOW). When the confirmation window pops up, click (YES) and the software goes into action.

You should now have a cleaner disk drive but you need to follow the other options to put the system into tip tip condition.


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Follow these steps to clean up your PC:

Here is some information about what you will be cleaning out from the PC.